Monográfico sobre Mindfulness: Current Opinion in Psychology

Este es un número especial de la revista Current Opinion in Psychology sobre mindfulness, incluye artículos sobre mindfulness y salud, comportamiento pro-social, sostenibilidad, medición, adaptaciones para el lugar de trabajo:

Mindfulness Edited by Bernstein Amit, Vago David R., Barnhofer Thorsten

Volume 28, In progress (August 2019)

  1. Historical and Conceptual Foundations

    1. Buddhist Perspectives and Secular Adaptations of Dharma

      1. Adding historical depth to definitions of mindfulness

        Pages 11-14
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      2. Mindfulness theory: feeling tones (vedanās) as a useful framework for research

        Pages 20-22
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    2. A Phenomenological Lens: Mind & Body Contributions to a Cognitive Science of Mindfulness

      1. Mindfulness and Indian Buddhist conceptions of unconscious processes

        Pages 28-31
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  2. Basic science perspective

    1. Cognitive Processes

      1. Computational modelling approaches to meditation research: why should we care?

        Pages 49-53
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    2. Interpersonal Processes

      1. Meditation in context: factors that facilitate prosocial behavior

        Pages 15-19
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    3. Physical Health

      1. Waking up to the problem of sleep: can mindfulness help? A review of theory and evidence for the effects of mindfulness for sleep

        Pages 37-41
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  3. Clinical Applications & Outcomes

    1. Measurement innovations

      1. Mindfulness and sustainability: correlation or causation?

        Pages 23-27
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      2. Assessment of mindfulness by self-report

        Pages 42-48
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    2. Instructor Training & Assessment

      1. Intervention integrity in mindfulness-based research: strengthening a key aspect of methodological rigor

        Pages 1-5
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      2. The Mindfulness-Based Interventions: Teaching Assessment Criteria (MBI:TAC): reflections on implementation and development

        Pages 6-10
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  4. Social and Cultural Applications

    1. Running too far ahead? Towards a broader understanding of mindfulness in organisations

      Pages 32-36
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