Conferencia Internacional de Mindfulness 2021

Conferencia bi-anual de Mindfulness del 5-8 de julio de 2021 online con el tema de «Diversidad e igualdad: sin dejar a nadie atrás».
Si eres practicante de mindfulness, profesor/a de mindfulness o investigador/a en este tema, esta Conferencia Internacional es una oportunidad para:
– conocer las últimas investigaciones en el campo de aplicaciones basadas en mindfulness
– compartir con y aprender de colegas y expertos en mindfulness y compasión
– fortalecer tu red de contactos internacionales.
– acceder a las charlas, talleres y prácticas.
Welcome to ICM2021
The 4th bi-annual International Conference on Mindfulness takes place live online from July 5-8, 2021.
As a mindfulness teacher, practitioner, or researcher, you will:
gain insights into the latest research in the field of mindfulness-based applications
share with and learn from colleagues and experts on mindfulness and compassion
strengthen your international network
have access to symposia, talks, workshops and practice sessions.
The theme of ICM 2021 is «Diversity and equality – leaving no one behind.» Through four days of talks, workshops and symposia, we will bring attention to the many areas of society, where mindfulness and compassion is making a difference – or has the potential to do so. In addition to 4 days of research presentations, workshops and keynotes, there will be a full-day post-conference practice session on July 9.

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